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Umrah Visa

Umra (عمرة in Arabic) refers to a mini-pilgrimage to the noble city of Makkah in Saudi-Arabia. Muslims can perform almost anytime of the year. In the Arabic language, the word "Umrah" is derived from the word "al-i'timar" meaning "a visit".

Umrah is a vital Islamic ritual. A hadith by the Prophet Muhammad (peace be upon him) says: "Accumulated sins are expiated with (the performing of) Umrah".

Umrah can be performed any time during the year. However, to accommodate pilgirms for Hajj and other considerations, Saudi consulate issues Umrah visas only certain times of the year. Historically, the visas have been issued each year from the beginning of the Islamic month of Safar until beginning of the month of Ramadan. However, these rules do change and pilgrims should check with local Saudi consulates

We will process your visa application with the local Embassy through to completion, saving you the hassle of dealing directly with government officials, as well as the time and inconvenience to queue before the consulate section. Our service covers the checking of your documents and personal details for correctness before we lodge your application with the Embassy.

To apply for Umrah visa you will need to provide the following documents:

  • Original Passport valid not less than six months
  • Umrah Application form accompanied by recent standard colored passport size photograph with white background
  • Medical certificate: Chidren aged between 3 and 12 years, parents should consult their primary care doctors
  • A round trip ticket to and from Saudi Arabia with confirmed reservation must also accompany the application
  • A married couple applying for Umrah visas but who have different last names or whose chidren bear last name from that of father, should attach copies of their marriage certificate and copy of their children’s birth certificate
  • For those who have recenty embraced islam and have not previously performed Umrah or Hajj, a certificate of conversion to Islam is required. Umrah visas are granted gratis
  • Two passport Size photographs having white back ground


  • Umrah visa is valid for 15 days only
  • Lady aged above 45 years can travel with another family with the NOC of their Mahram
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